Kyrie Irving is out of this flat world

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Remember last week when Joel Embiid and James Harden went ultra-wild efficient in big scoring nights? Kyrie Irving joined the club on Monday, scoring 47 points on 22 field goal attempts. Factoring in his free throws and threes, he scored 1.75 points per shooting possession, which is absolutely bonkers. (Harden’s 48 and Embiid’s 46 came on 1.6 points per shooting possession.)

More importantly, Kyrie led the charge for Boston’s 16th straight win, which included a 13-point fourth quarter comeback, overtime, and an insane Kyrie shot. The Celtics are at that point in their winning streak where the magic is its own source of power. The streak has an aura, a personality, a life of its own. It’s like a sixth player on the court.

Boston’s 16 straight represents one of the seven longest streaks in the past five years in the NBA. We typically see one or two streaks this long in the NBA each season. Something tells me the Warriors will rip off a run like this at some point. They’d be on one now had they not run into the Boston buzzsaw last week, in fact.

Scores Galore …

MIN 102, CHA 118
CLE 116, DET 88
IND 105, ORL 97
UTA 86, PHI 107
LAC 85, NYK 107
POR 100, MEM 92
WAS 99, MIL 88
OKC 107, NOP 114
BOS 110, DAL 102 (OT)
ATL 85, SAS 96
DEN 114, SAC 98

… And So Much More

LaVar Ball on CNN in primetime. I don’t know about 2017, folks.

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Your daily dose of Joel Embiid.

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How a bootleg prep school in South Carolina profited off of teenagers. Great investigation.

I missed this from Sunday, but shout out to Reggie Jackson for getting into Jimmy Butler’s head before a highly critical free throw! Inject that stuff right into my veins.

The East is the strongest conference this season! This was also the case about this time last year. We’ll see if it holds. I remain doubtful.

Looking at Kyle Korver’s shooting both with and without LeBron on the court.

Jordan Ritter Conn on Ricky Rubio finding a home in Salt Lake.

Eyeball emoji: Bradley Beal is the youngest ever to rack up 700 three-pointers. This is where it’s worth remembering Steph Curry was closing in on AARP membership when he entered the league.

An argument (with data) from the Harvard Sports Analytics Collective that the NBA and NFL suffer less from big market dominance than the NHL and MLB.

Football is the official sport of Thanksgiving. Our pigskin experts have got you covered this week.

Bulls vs. Lakers is the only game scheduled for Tuesday. It’s a good evening to sleep, read, dance, or do anything but watch Bulls vs. Lakers.

Be excellent to each other!

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